Ailith Stormbound

A devout paladin of Kord, Ailith is driven to complete her intiation quest.


An imposing woman, Ailith Stormbound stands 5’10” in full plate armour. Her hair is long and black, flashing green in the right light, and her eyes are a brilliant blue shot through with white streaks. A true believer of Kord, she carries a greatsword strapped to her back, and a longsword at her hip. Both the pommel of her greatsword and her armour have been dyed a deep metallic blue, like the night sky after a storm.

(Stats: 19AC, 43HP)


Half-elf, Ailith is daughter to a elven man and human woman. Her father, apparently a follower of the fallen god Pelor, was one of the thousands of elves to leave over the last 60 years. Ailith left her mother and younger sister some 20 years ago and joined Kord’s paladain chapterhouse in Meerguard under Morgan’s tutelage. She has been training ever since in the service of her god, and is on this quest as her initiation rite.

She worships Kord in battle and in true storms. Perhaps over-eager for fighting, she would still never dream of attacking an unarmed opponent.

Ailith Stormbound

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