Dawnis Arnell

A shy young wizard seeks answers to his past. To do this he must learn control... and not get arrested... again.


Standing almost five and a half feet tall, Dawnis is not much to look at. He is thin, weighing roughly 120 lbs, and almost always seems as though he may be sick or perhaps under-rested. Despite being somewhat capable with frost magic he is easily frightened and despite his curiosity he likes to stay quiet for the most part.


Not much is really known about the death of his parents. It was believed that a rouge wizard, with intentions still unknown, attacked the home and left Dawnis alive amidst the wreckage. The spell that was used is still a mystery as no one has ever seen or heard of a spell with such chaotic and destructive capability. The owner of the local magical components shop “Robes Divine” adopted Dawnis during the brief investigation into his parents death. Several yeas ago the owner passed away, leaving the shop and unanswered questions to his adopted son. And just recently a local cliff face has eroded away revealing a new section of a vary old building. Word has it there is a library down there. An old library full of dangerous old magic…

Dawnis Arnell

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