Rilynn Mara Mai Arunn'hel

Eladrin Cleric of the Raven Queen


New to the human’s world from the Fey Wild on a mission from her high Priestess. She is to oversee with the assistance of Echo, Hope, Dawnis, and Aelith, the death of the Dragonborn empire who are at war with the human/tieflings. She often stares at one thing for hours at time, gets gleeful religious ecstasy from death, and doesn’t quite grasp the quaint colloquialisms of the people of this world.

She has 25 children back in the Fey Wild, none of whom she’s spoken to in many years (as is the general custom of the Eladrin). Back home, she spent much time in the Shadow Fell doing the Raven Queen’s work.

She has an intense stare that would chip the paint off of wood.

Rilynn Mara Mai Arunn'hel

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