End of Empire

Previously on End of Empire..

The Giant Lobster

The heroes were left in a bit of a lurch last time as they were fighting a Giant Lobster set on them by the Loatoa, but it was no match for the God-slayers as they bested the lobster and then proceed to steal it’s huge claws for (fun and) profit. They take their exit, leaving a sobbing pair of Loatoa husbands behind.

Travel back to the Pelor keep was uneventful, besides Dawnis looking worse-off than usual. Once arriving they go directly to Janya and have their saltgroaner shell turned into reagents for a magic recorder that will infuse the song with the object. Ailith (with a curious Echo in tow) tries to talk to Invit, but she is gone. Hope happily goes to the comfort of a bed. Dawnis stays to pester Janya about the runes on his hands (one of which says “doom” now). Mara travels the halls to overhead 1. That the dwarvish porn book is found missing and 2. Invit was sent away because she’s likely to kill Ailith.

The next day the group heads back out to Meergard. Mara informs Ailith of what she believes are Invit’s intentions.


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