End of Empire

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Game 11

Setting out (eventually) from the dwarven hold, the party heads to the coast in search of the Loatoa. After two days travel, in unfriendly weather, they party reaches the coast and chooses to rest before continuing their search.

The following morning, before they are able to begin their march, the party is beset upon by kobolds. Fighting valiantly – and despite Ailith Stormbound falling and Rilynn Mara Mai Arunn’hel being seriously wounded – the party is able to defeat the kobolds handily. The last enemy surrenders, and is interrogated.

It is discovered that the Dragonborn are well-informed about the party’s quest, as the kobolds were sent by high command to steal the necessary musical device before it can be used.

The remaining kobold’s fate is debated. Rilynn Mara Mai Arunn’hel and Lord Echo argue it is necessary to kill the kobold, while Ailith Stormbound vehemently protests the idea of attacking an unarmed opponent. The issue comes to blows, and despite Ailith Stormbound’s best efforts, the kobold is killed.


Uhm, anyone can add to/change this around, but I thought I’d give it a shot. Enjoy!

Previously on End of Empire...

Looking great Bootler!

Previously on End of Empire...
JCat Bootler

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