End of Empire

Job Hunting

In Which Much is Debated and Jobs are Offered

Leaving the Broken Mirror, Ailith and Lord Echos take the carriage back to The Tawny Lion, while Hope stays behind to watch Shard and Deanna. Hope easily tails her quarries out of the disreputable tavern and into the city (where she meets a lovely pie-selling couple), and ultimately to another disreputable tavern called the Broken Crown. After ensuring that they aren’t planning to leave any time soon, Hope returns to The Tawny Lion to report back.

Meanwhile, Ailith and Echos return to the group’s inn to find Mara and Dawnis waiting. They are informed that Bergen was quite distraught to hear about the death of Ivy Mendel, and that he has requested the group return to the temple of Teufar at midnight. Deanna’s role as a potential substitute for Ms. Mendel is discussed, as Ailith and Echos suggest that she is quite the talent. It is decided that, if possible, the group will bring Deanna to see Bergen that night to put her voice to the test. Echos suggests that the group meets with Shroder, offering him one use of the recording device in return for assistance in handling Shard.

Hope arrives at the inn, and shares her findings. She suggests that the group needs to find out what is keeping Deanna with Shard, since it isn’t money (which seems to somewhat confuse the rogue). She argues that, rather than kidnap Deanna by force, the group should find a way to convince her to help them. She argues against going to Shroder for help, as he is known to be untrustworthy. The group debates. Ailith gets impatient and storms off. Hope, Mara, and Dawnis decide to return to the Broken Crown, to try to talk to Deanna and convince her to leave Shard. Echos decides to stay behind, assuring Hope quite sincerely that he has no intention to visit Shroder.

Going outside, Echos finds Ailith attacking the night, and invites her to join him to go speak with the Lord Shroder. She agrees, and the pair goes to Shroder’s manor. They gain access easily, with Ailith diplomatically announcing the Lord Echos’ arrival. They are greeted by a rather nervous major domo, and escorted to Shroder’s presence.

As Lord Echos speaks, Shroder appears vaguely amused; however his interest is peeked by mention of the musical device. After displaying that he is well aware of Ailith and Echos’ true identities, Shroder informs them that he is a great rival of Bergen’s. He implies that Deanna is in fact Ivy’s equal in talent, and has allowed Shard to hold on to her only to keep Shard happy. He suggests that if the group were to get rid of a few of his enemies, he would no longer have any use for Shard and would quite happily tell the group his location. The two men he would have killed are Abbot Lux, a priest at the temple of Tuefhar; and Captain Luthor, captain of the guard and a member of the human resistance who is fighting against the rule of the noble humans. Shroder also states that, if he were permitted to write the anthem that Deanna is to sing, he would personally deliver Shard to the group. Echos promises nothing other than to bring the deal to the group to discuss, and that they will return in two days time to give their answer. On their way out, Shroder closes with an invitation for the Eladrin to spend a few nights in his company. Ew.

On their way back to the inn, Echos and Ailith discuss the motivations of a paladin of Kord, and potential future workings together.

Meanwhile, Hope, Mara, and Dawnis…. [I DIDN’T WRITE ANY OF THIS DOWN, (oops) SOMEONE ELSE PLEASE UPDATE]


JCat Bootler

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