End of Empire

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A Blessed Union

After a brief and humorous exchange between Echo and Ailith, where she tries to offer him a Kobold’s sword, the group travels south along the shoreline, but run into no Loatoa. They camp one night, Hope taking first watch, then Mara taking the rest. Ailith starts out her day with her sword practices, but Mara notes that it has changed from her usual routine.

They set out again and their luck turns for the better as they encounter three Loatoa warriors. Echo tries to persuade their help with his porn book, but Hope’s gem turns out to work better. Mara draws a Saltgroaner shell in the sand and the warrior’s eyes light up and they insist on leading the party to their village.

It turns out the saltgroaner shell is given as dowry for a marriage between a Loatoa man and a female from another tribe. One of the Chief’s sons is particularly taken with Dawnis (who has been mistaken as female), and the other son with Mara. The two are shuffled off to a bridal hut while “Proud Father” Echo irons out the details.

There is a ceremony, the “brides” are ushered off with the Loatoa sons, and Echo and Hope eye the joint for suitable casing in the future. While at the tidal pool, where Dawnis and Mara are expected to squeeze out some eggs from their “egg sacks” for the men to fertilise, Dawnis finally snaps and starts to magic the Loatoa into the air.

Echo is told that his “daughter” is a witch by the Chief, who release their “God” upon the party. That God turns out to be a giant lobster.


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