End of Empire

A Conversation

In Which Shroder Is Defeated And The Gods Have A Chat

After a long, difficult battle, Hope manages to strike the killing blow to knock Baron Shroder down. Moving to search the room/pray/carry out their usual post-battle activities, the party is interrupted when the light goes dim and fire bursts from Shroder’s corpse. Scrambling to prepare themselves for what may be their last fight, the group instead is privy to aa conversation among the gods.

After the debate is concluded, Mara banishes Shroder’s corpse in a burst of brilliant white light. When the light clears, the party is alone once more, and Mara’s holy symbol is broken.

While Dawnis moves to console the crying Eladrin, the other scatter. Hope searches the main room, and Echos moves to Shroder’s private chambers, followed by Ailith who is looking for a way out.

Captain Luthor enters the room, and congratulates the party on their victory, stating they’ve done a “great service for humanity”. Very briefly debating whether the group wants to rest before going after Shard and Deanna, it is decided that tomorrow would be too late. Luthor agrees to meet the party back at the safe house before midnight. As they are leaving, Dawnis lingers behind a moment to speak to Carl Bruini (sp?). Carl asks to meet with Dawnis, alone, outside of the city the following morning, after Shard has been dealt with.

The group returns to the safehouse to wait for Luthor. While waiting, Ailith changes into her new armour (looted from Shroder’s warrior with Dawnis’ help), and Hope and Echos chat with a young revolutionary who shares his organizations goals.

Luthor arrives to show the group a map of the sewer, pointing out the area he believes Shard and Deanna are hiding in. Inquiring again whether the group wishes to rest before striding into another battle. Impatient to achieve their goal, the group insists they move tonight. Luthor offers to have his men secure the Broken Mirror, and guard the sewer exits so that Shard will not escape. Accepting gratefully, the party waits a bit longer while the thugs at the Broken Mirror are dealt with.

Arriving at the Broken Mirror to find it secured, the party heads down into the sewers to find the Voice of the Empire.


JCat Bootler

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