End of Empire

Times Are A'Changing
In Which Echos Shows His Sensitive Side And Dawnis Gains A Staff

Heading into the sewers, Ailith becomes impatient with Echos and Dawnis’ dithering and shouts at them, ruining the party’s chance at a stealthy entrance. Fortunately, the two groups of guards that approaches is no match for the might of the group, and is easily dispatched.

Carrying on through the sewers (some of the party members already dripping with… poop), the group reaches a large open space with a utility room. Planning their attack a bit more carefully, the group manages to surprise some of Shard’s guards before the battle proper.

Shard, accompanied by Avarice (yet another old “friend” of Hope and Echos’), fight hard, but are ultimately defeated by the group. Mara reveals she has discovered a few new tricks, including summoning what appears to be an angel of fire. The group is much impressed. After the battle, Mara declines to usher the souls of the dead to the Raven Queen, stating it is no longer her task, and instead makes sure Deanna cannot escape.

Echos, to everyone’s surprise, very carefully retrieves Shard’s body and keeps Hope from searching it. With Hope’s help, he carries the body out of the sewer with the rest of the group.

Reaching the tavern, the group finds only the young boy and one guard remaining. Sending the resistance members away, Hope talks to Deanna to explain (somewhat) why they have come from her. Outlining the need for the “song of the nation”, Hope asks for Deanna’s help, assuring her that she will not be forced. Presumably considering the matter, Deanna asks the party members what they think the song of the nation should represent.

Hope: lots of different people, should live peacefully Ailith: the nation is strong Dawnis & Echos: strength through unity Mara: not my nation

Ever concerned about security, Ailith suggests that Deanna stay with the group. After accidentally revealing to Echos that the group is not staying at the most expensive inn in town, it evolves that the group will split up. Echos, Deanna, Mara and Ailith will move to the Ivory Horn (the best inn in town), while Hope and Dawnis opt to remain at the Tawny Lion.

Before adjourning to sleep, however, Echos declares that he will see Shard’s body properly taken care of. This requires taking the body to Tuefhar’s temple, under the assumption that Abbott Lux will recall he might owe the group a favour, and will allow Shard to be treated as a noble. Ailith chooses to accompany Echos, rather than have him wandering around alone.

Reaching the temple, after walking through still-chaotic streets, they are granted an immediate audience. More than slightly surprised to see them, Lux eventually agrees to perform Shard’s funeral rites. Despite Echos’ strong encouragement the process takes almost 2 hours, after which Ailith is all but asleep on her feet. Echos is given Shard’s remaining posessions.

In the meantime, Hope, Mara, Dawnis, and Deanna remain at the Tawny Lion. Hope leaves Dawnis and Deanna to themselves, watching surreptitiously as they blush at each other.

Upon Ailith and Echos’ return, they pick up Deanna and Mara and carry on to the Ivory Horn to sleep. Dawnis informs Hope that he has a meeting with Carl, which he must attend alone. Hope assures him she has no intention to follow him, since she promised Deanna to check up on her grandmother. Sensing no deception, Dawnis hurries to his meeting place (followed discreetly by Hope).

Meeting with Carl, Dawnis learns a bit about his father’s history. However, before he can ask some of his intended questions, Carl offers to give him his father’s old staff. Taking the staff, Dawnis is treated to the lovely visual of Carl being burned to dust. Hope, watching from a distance, sees only a massive explosion, turning half the hill-side to glass. Running to see what happened, she finds a dazed Dawnis standing alone, beside a pair of skeletal feet, with a staff in his hand.

Well aware that the city guards would have seen the explosion, Hope hurries Dawnis back into the city to hide. The once-mage, still recovering from his ordeal, follows in silence.

A Conversation
In Which Shroder Is Defeated And The Gods Have A Chat

After a long, difficult battle, Hope manages to strike the killing blow to knock Baron Shroder down. Moving to search the room/pray/carry out their usual post-battle activities, the party is interrupted when the light goes dim and fire bursts from Shroder’s corpse. Scrambling to prepare themselves for what may be their last fight, the group instead is privy to aa conversation among the gods.

After the debate is concluded, Mara banishes Shroder’s corpse in a burst of brilliant white light. When the light clears, the party is alone once more, and Mara’s holy symbol is broken.

While Dawnis moves to console the crying Eladrin, the other scatter. Hope searches the main room, and Echos moves to Shroder’s private chambers, followed by Ailith who is looking for a way out.

Captain Luthor enters the room, and congratulates the party on their victory, stating they’ve done a “great service for humanity”. Very briefly debating whether the group wants to rest before going after Shard and Deanna, it is decided that tomorrow would be too late. Luthor agrees to meet the party back at the safe house before midnight. As they are leaving, Dawnis lingers behind a moment to speak to Carl Bruini (sp?). Carl asks to meet with Dawnis, alone, outside of the city the following morning, after Shard has been dealt with.

The group returns to the safehouse to wait for Luthor. While waiting, Ailith changes into her new armour (looted from Shroder’s warrior with Dawnis’ help), and Hope and Echos chat with a young revolutionary who shares his organizations goals.

Luthor arrives to show the group a map of the sewer, pointing out the area he believes Shard and Deanna are hiding in. Inquiring again whether the group wishes to rest before striding into another battle. Impatient to achieve their goal, the group insists they move tonight. Luthor offers to have his men secure the Broken Mirror, and guard the sewer exits so that Shard will not escape. Accepting gratefully, the party waits a bit longer while the thugs at the Broken Mirror are dealt with.

Arriving at the Broken Mirror to find it secured, the party heads down into the sewers to find the Voice of the Empire.

Battle Begins
In Which Plans Are Made, and Minions are Destroyed

Leaving Tuefhar’s temple, newly aquired magical equipment in tow, the group carries on to the safehouse to meet with Helmut. Carefully uttering the pass-phrase – “the sun is shining”, “but the ice is still slippery” – the group is escorted to the underground hideout of the leaders of the resistance.

Pleased to learn that the group will be attacking Shroder, Helmut describes his plan: the group is presented to Shroder in fake cages (with false bottoms to store their weapons). The locks on the cages are magically linked, and once Hope manages to open hers that should open the rest. No one in the group, least of all Ailith or Mara, seems happy with the idea of entering Shroder’s presence unarmed, in cages. The group offers their own plan.

They will gain entry to Shroder’s manor on their own (through means unspecified), and ask for an audience with the Lord. Once Helmut’s inside-man sees the group enter Shroder’s audience chamber, he can alert the human fighters and have them attack the rest of the guards. Helmut eventually agrees to this, and also informs the group that the door to the audience chambers will be locked behind them, to make sure Shroder doesn’t escape to rally his guards. They will have to find their own way out. It is decided that the attack will happen the following day, in the early evening, and everyone will meet the next morning at the safehouse to get Shard’s location from Helmut.

As the group leaves, Dawnis lingers behind to speak to Helmut briefly. He learns that, while Helmut does claim to have known his father, he didn’t know him well. Dawnis should speak to Carl B(somethingorother), who was trained by Dawnis’ father in the arcane arts. Helmut assures Dawnis that Carl will be present following the attack on Shroder, and they can discuss matters then.

The following day, the group scatters to perform their various activities. Mara goes to the local shrine to the Raven Queen, much to the delight of the local clergy. Ailith goes to the local chapter house of Kord’s paladins, and relaxes by wiping the floor with an acolyte or two. Echos takes the opportunity to eat and drink, to build up his courage for the coming battle. Hope and Dawnis prowl the markets in search of useful items, and manage to purchase another healing potion.

Eventually, night starts to fall. The group meets up, and carries on to Shroder’s manor – a few of them slightly distressed to find Echos apparently drunk. Reaching the castle, they are permitted entry without trouble, and greeted once again by the major domo. They are escorted to the audience chambers once again, and left on their own for a brief period. Hope and Echos attempt to disarm the the armoured warriors, and Hope tries to see if she can get through the door to Shroder’s private chambers. Foiled at both these tasks, the group scatters when Shroder enters the room.

Lord Echos, ever the diplomat, apologetically informs Shroder that the group has decided to kill him. Although, if it’s any consolation, they’ll likely be killing the captain of the guard as well. Apparently not reassured by this, Shroder attacks.

Games of Chance
In Which Much is Debated (Again) and A Coin is Tossed

The group reconvenes at the Tawny Lion, and trades stories about their discoveries. The debate begins about which job to take. The general consensus is that it would be best to use the most efficient means to find Deanna. Unfortunately, there is little agreement on what the most efficient means would be.

Eventually the group is split between Echos and Mara (who believe it best to kill the abbott and guard captain) and Ailith and Dawnis (who believe it best to kill Shroder), with Hope as the undecided tie-breaker. In an attempt to put off a decision, Hope suggests that the group brings the issue to Bergen, to determine whether it would even be feasible to take on Shroder, one of the first generation of noble humans.

Returning to the temple of Teufhar, they are escorted by Abbott Lux to speak with Bergen again. Ailith studies the abbott and decides that he might be a bit of a challenge, but still not as great a challenge as Shroder. Speaking with Bergen, it is determined that Deanna may in fact be “the talent of the empire”. Echos tries, discretely, to discover how upset Bergen would be if the group were to kill one of his abbott’s in pursuit of their ultimate goal. The arch bishop, surprised by Echos’ scruples, states that the group should do whatever is necessary, no matter the cost. At mention of Shroder’s name, Bergen becomes quite upset. He admits that Shroder is a problem, and that if the group is arrested by him Bergen will not be able to help. He also suggests that Shroder would happily stand in the way of the mission, out of spite. In closing, Bergen requests that the group return the following midnight, to report on any progress.

With nothing yet decided, the group carries on to meet with the guard who spoke with Dawnis, to see what might be discovered. Upon reaching the meeting place, they are greeted by a room full of human guards (with only a few pact-altered humans about). Hope opts to linger by the door, rather than join the group at Captain Helmut Luther’s table.

Dawnis, in rare form (although still nervously) does the talking. Helmut argues that everyone in the group has reason to help the human resistance. Hope and Echos as a chance to take out Shroder, Ailith and Dawnis as a chance to serve the “true humans” (altho Ailith seems more than slightly confused by this), and Mara because . . . she probably has some reason to be here. The captain says that if the group kills Shroder, he will give the location of Shard and Deanna. He requests an answer by the following night and, at Echos’ urging, gives the location of one of the resistance’s safehouses as a meeting place. It also comes out that Helmut knew Dawnis’ father, which comes as quite a surprise to the long-orphaned wizard.

Still undecided, the group agrees to sleep on the matter, in hopes that the following day will bring clarity.

Meeting for lunch, it appears that clarity is in short supply. The debate resumes. With Hope as the undecided holdout, again, the group goes to talk to Bergen once more. Although it is decided to keep as much information from Bergen as possible, this plan soon falls apart and the arch bishop is told everything. More than slightly bewildered, Bergen eventually says “if you need to kill the guard and abbot, do so, but kill Shroder as a favourite to me; if you need to kill Shroder, do so, but kill the guard also”. He also suggests that if the group decides to go after Shroder, he may have some way to help.

With this distinct lack of guidance, the group adjourns to the hallway to discuss the issue for 5 more minutes, leaving Lux to speak to Bergen (perhaps for the last time). Hope goes off by herself to ponder the matter, quietly flips a coin, and returns to declare that she has decided they will target Lord Shroder.

Entering the room to speak to Bergen once more, and passing a slightly confused Lux, the group informs the arch bishop of their decision. Bergen seems pleased by this, and grants the group access to a cache of magical equipment that Lux has been pilfering from the paladins’ stores.

Job Hunting
In Which Much is Debated and Jobs are Offered

Leaving the Broken Mirror, Ailith and Lord Echos take the carriage back to The Tawny Lion, while Hope stays behind to watch Shard and Deanna. Hope easily tails her quarries out of the disreputable tavern and into the city (where she meets a lovely pie-selling couple), and ultimately to another disreputable tavern called the Broken Crown. After ensuring that they aren’t planning to leave any time soon, Hope returns to The Tawny Lion to report back.

Meanwhile, Ailith and Echos return to the group’s inn to find Mara and Dawnis waiting. They are informed that Bergen was quite distraught to hear about the death of Ivy Mendel, and that he has requested the group return to the temple of Teufar at midnight. Deanna’s role as a potential substitute for Ms. Mendel is discussed, as Ailith and Echos suggest that she is quite the talent. It is decided that, if possible, the group will bring Deanna to see Bergen that night to put her voice to the test. Echos suggests that the group meets with Shroder, offering him one use of the recording device in return for assistance in handling Shard.

Hope arrives at the inn, and shares her findings. She suggests that the group needs to find out what is keeping Deanna with Shard, since it isn’t money (which seems to somewhat confuse the rogue). She argues that, rather than kidnap Deanna by force, the group should find a way to convince her to help them. She argues against going to Shroder for help, as he is known to be untrustworthy. The group debates. Ailith gets impatient and storms off. Hope, Mara, and Dawnis decide to return to the Broken Crown, to try to talk to Deanna and convince her to leave Shard. Echos decides to stay behind, assuring Hope quite sincerely that he has no intention to visit Shroder.

Going outside, Echos finds Ailith attacking the night, and invites her to join him to go speak with the Lord Shroder. She agrees, and the pair goes to Shroder’s manor. They gain access easily, with Ailith diplomatically announcing the Lord Echos’ arrival. They are greeted by a rather nervous major domo, and escorted to Shroder’s presence.

As Lord Echos speaks, Shroder appears vaguely amused; however his interest is peeked by mention of the musical device. After displaying that he is well aware of Ailith and Echos’ true identities, Shroder informs them that he is a great rival of Bergen’s. He implies that Deanna is in fact Ivy’s equal in talent, and has allowed Shard to hold on to her only to keep Shard happy. He suggests that if the group were to get rid of a few of his enemies, he would no longer have any use for Shard and would quite happily tell the group his location. The two men he would have killed are Abbot Lux, a priest at the temple of Tuefhar; and Captain Luthor, captain of the guard and a member of the human resistance who is fighting against the rule of the noble humans. Shroder also states that, if he were permitted to write the anthem that Deanna is to sing, he would personally deliver Shard to the group. Echos promises nothing other than to bring the deal to the group to discuss, and that they will return in two days time to give their answer. On their way out, Shroder closes with an invitation for the Eladrin to spend a few nights in his company. Ew.

On their way back to the inn, Echos and Ailith discuss the motivations of a paladin of Kord, and potential future workings together.

Meanwhile, Hope, Mara, and Dawnis…. [I DIDN’T WRITE ANY OF THIS DOWN, (oops) SOMEONE ELSE PLEASE UPDATE]

The Challenge
In Which Ivnet Gets Pwnd and a Diva is Found Dead

The group leaves the last Dwarven Hold with their now fully operational recording device. Though their next destination is to be Brotheim there are a few things they need to do on the way. Namely, Ailith very much wanted some closure with Ivnit over her behaviour (running from a battle) outside the dwarven hold as well as her puzzling insistence that the group is directly to blame for the Dragonborn attack on her family.

The group agrees that this should be addressed before moving on with their quest, and off to Meerguard they go. Upon arrival Ailith immediately makes off for her chapter house and after having a rather intense conversation with Morgan (her mentor, the novice-master, and a Paladin of Kord) in which she learns that Ivnit has already arrived and challenged her, Morgan gives her till midnight to decide whether or not to accept. Ailith finds the group partaking in Rasp’s generous bounty (all but Echo who managed to completely incapacitate himself on some halfling mushrooms within an hour of arriving in Meerguard) and presents to them her situation. The group agrees that Ailith should accept Ivnit’s challenge to get it over with; and after Hope determines that Ailith would be very angry if she just went and killed Ivnit to get her out of the way she offers herself as a suitable ‘second’.

Ailith, with a scheming Hope in tow, head for the chapter house whereupon Hope learns to her dismay that it is traditional to sit up all night and ‘pray’ before a challenge. Ailith offers her a comfy bed for the evening but Hope refuses on the grounds that Ailith will be outnumbered in the chapel if she’s not there, making it a perfect time for Ivnit to try something. Though Hope had to be shushed several times when they first get there, she eventually settles down and Ailith has her prayer time.

Early the next morning they are summoned and when it comes time for Hope as Ailith’s second to inspect Ivnit’s weaponry she does an exceedingly thorough job of it. Even cutting herself with the blade to be sure it hasn’t been poisoned. The followers of Kord who’re watching mistake her intent and mutter at this as it’s said to be one of the ‘Old Ways’ and thought to be quite honourable.

Dawnis can be seen to valiantly ready himself to come to Ailith’s defense should Ivnit seek to strike a killing blow… but within fifteen seconds the fight is over and Ivnit’s second drags her unconscious body out of the ring. Ailith accepts her fellow paladins’ congratulations stoically and after a rest the group is ready to go. Mara insists they stop in Teufelheim so she can check on her priestess there and people are only too happy to comply. Echo is still unconscious and drooling in the backseat of the carriage.

They arrive in Teufelheim with no trouble and Mara checks in with her priestess. She looks pale but insists she’s fine. The group notices that the priestess and the archbishop are now on a ‘first name basis’ (all but Hope who is too busy gazing at the Archbishops horns). While debating their next destination, Dawnis suggests that they go to the wizard’s academy in the mountains. Bergen seems both surprised and angered that Dawnis is aware of the academy, renewing the wizard’s fear of the massive arch-bishop. After briefing the archbishop on their progress they head off to Brotheim to convince a Diva to sing into a rock.

An uneventful week or so later our heroes find themselves in a remarkably unguarded Brotheim. They immediately head for the operahouse where Geri and Hope drop the group off and go to secure accommodations for the evening. Hope makes a slight detour to visit the seedy orphanage she grew up in first.

Ailith, Dawnis and Mara drag Echo inside with them and prop him in a chair in the lobby before venturing further. To the group’s surprise, the operahouse appears to be all but abandoned, save for the sound of distant sobbing. Mara leads the way into the offices, and they come across a fat, drunk, human man bawling his eyes out. For the first time appearing to reach the end of her patience, Mara interrogates the human and discovers that Ivy Mendel (the diva the group has been sent to find) was run over and killed three days ago by a halfling cart. Furthermore, it appears that Ms. Mendel’s understudy – Deanna – quit a week ago.

Leaving the maestro to his tears, the group returns to the lobby to wait for Hope and Geri. While they wait, the maestro (who introduces himself as Hugo Erhardt) re-appears to try to find out why the group was asking after Ms. Mendel. The story morphs into a tale that they are head-hunters from a maestro in Tuefelheim, and were trying to lure the diva away. Ailith, with help from a slowly sobering Echo, is able to convince the maestro to provide a list of the remaining most talented singers in the city. They are also given the current location of Deanna: a seedy bar on the outskirts of town called the Broken Mirror (which is well-known to both Hope and Echo).

Hope and Geri arrive with the carriage, having secured accommodations at the Tawny Lion. The party adjourns to the inn, and debates their next move. Stymied by the loss of Ivy Mendel, the option of necromancy is raised – although there remains a concern whether Ms. Mendel would still be able to sing while undead. Eventually it is decided that Mara and Dawnis will go to a local temple to attempt to contact Bergen, while Hope, Echo, and Ailith go to the Broken Mirror to investigate Deanna.

The following morning, Mara convinces a priest of Teufhar that it is urgent she speaks with Bergen. After the priest is dismissed, and Dawnis goes to hide behind some curtains, Mara informs Bergen of the complications. Bergen is quite upset by the news, and asks for time to consider what can be done. He requests that Mara contacts him again that evening.

Meanwhile, the Tieflings and Half-Elf go to the Broken Mirror, where the discover that Deanna may posses just the voice they need for their mission. Unfortunately, it appears that she is under the ownership of Shard, an old companion/nemesis of Hope and Echo’s. Shard indicates that he would be happy to allow Deanna to help the group, for 1000 gold. Hearing this, Echo calmly informs Shard that not only is he in the company of one of “Bergen’s High Paladins” (Ailith), but that he can also command an army to arrest Shard and his thugs. Shard is given 1 hour to decide what to do.

Previously on End of Empire..
The Giant Lobster

The heroes were left in a bit of a lurch last time as they were fighting a Giant Lobster set on them by the Loatoa, but it was no match for the God-slayers as they bested the lobster and then proceed to steal it’s huge claws for (fun and) profit. They take their exit, leaving a sobbing pair of Loatoa husbands behind.

Travel back to the Pelor keep was uneventful, besides Dawnis looking worse-off than usual. Once arriving they go directly to Janya and have their saltgroaner shell turned into reagents for a magic recorder that will infuse the song with the object. Ailith (with a curious Echo in tow) tries to talk to Invit, but she is gone. Hope happily goes to the comfort of a bed. Dawnis stays to pester Janya about the runes on his hands (one of which says “doom” now). Mara travels the halls to overhead 1. That the dwarvish porn book is found missing and 2. Invit was sent away because she’s likely to kill Ailith.

The next day the group heads back out to Meergard. Mara informs Ailith of what she believes are Invit’s intentions.

Previously on End of Empire..
A Blessed Union

After a brief and humorous exchange between Echo and Ailith, where she tries to offer him a Kobold’s sword, the group travels south along the shoreline, but run into no Loatoa. They camp one night, Hope taking first watch, then Mara taking the rest. Ailith starts out her day with her sword practices, but Mara notes that it has changed from her usual routine.

They set out again and their luck turns for the better as they encounter three Loatoa warriors. Echo tries to persuade their help with his porn book, but Hope’s gem turns out to work better. Mara draws a Saltgroaner shell in the sand and the warrior’s eyes light up and they insist on leading the party to their village.

It turns out the saltgroaner shell is given as dowry for a marriage between a Loatoa man and a female from another tribe. One of the Chief’s sons is particularly taken with Dawnis (who has been mistaken as female), and the other son with Mara. The two are shuffled off to a bridal hut while “Proud Father” Echo irons out the details.

There is a ceremony, the “brides” are ushered off with the Loatoa sons, and Echo and Hope eye the joint for suitable casing in the future. While at the tidal pool, where Dawnis and Mara are expected to squeeze out some eggs from their “egg sacks” for the men to fertilise, Dawnis finally snaps and starts to magic the Loatoa into the air.

Echo is told that his “daughter” is a witch by the Chief, who release their “God” upon the party. That God turns out to be a giant lobster.

Previously on End of Empire...
Game 11

Setting out (eventually) from the dwarven hold, the party heads to the coast in search of the Loatoa. After two days travel, in unfriendly weather, they party reaches the coast and chooses to rest before continuing their search.

The following morning, before they are able to begin their march, the party is beset upon by kobolds. Fighting valiantly – and despite Ailith Stormbound falling and Rilynn Mara Mai Arunn’hel being seriously wounded – the party is able to defeat the kobolds handily. The last enemy surrenders, and is interrogated.

It is discovered that the Dragonborn are well-informed about the party’s quest, as the kobolds were sent by high command to steal the necessary musical device before it can be used.

The remaining kobold’s fate is debated. Rilynn Mara Mai Arunn’hel and Lord Echo argue it is necessary to kill the kobold, while Ailith Stormbound vehemently protests the idea of attacking an unarmed opponent. The issue comes to blows, and despite Ailith Stormbound’s best efforts, the kobold is killed.

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